COVID-19 and Webkey

COVID-19 and Webkey

COVID-19 and Webkey 1920 1080 Webkey

COVID-19 situation is unfortunately upon us and everybody is familiar with it and what it can cause in the world, in our closest environment as well. From work perspective the best approach is to work from home, but not everybody and not every sector can achieve this easily. In these hard and critical times, we can agree on one thing: remote control is even more important. Webkey is the key for this function and it supports remote controlling at its best.

Our application and service are based on remote control methodology, which is now available all over the world. Webkey service provides a suitable tool during these hard times- with this you can work with your colleague like you were in the same room. You can easily share the screen of your Android device with your coworkers, you can reach your devices remotely without touches and also can share files with each others.

If you have any questions about your own sectors and services, how you can use our remote control system, contact us with no hesitation, because we are here for you and together we can improve our APK to support you the best way.

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