Server Based Webkey Solutions

for your business

We at Webkey understand every business decision is influenced based on a multitude of factors. We have developed our application to be customizable to help your business grow and flourish; this is also the reason we offer you Webkey as a server based software solution.

Advantages of the server based application


with the server based application your data will be stored on a dedicated server or even on your own LAN network


Optionally, we will help you with the set-up, but the support can be run by your own teams. You will be in control of any maintenance down-times


Unlimited devices can be added with no extra costs or any other limitations. You can integrate Webkey as part of your future solution at your own pace.


One off cost or recurring fees: we are flexible to meet your needs

At Webkey, we believe that every business is unique and therefore our server based app solution is designed to be highly customizable.
The server based Webkey app is a perfect tool for enterprises with a large or rapidly growing number of devices or businesses where the enhanced level of security is a must.

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