Get started with Webkey

Get started with Webkey

Get started with Webkey 1920 1080 Webkey

A step-by-step guide

Webkey enables you to remotely control your Android device from a web browser using a simple app. The client app connects your device with your web dashboard. In order to get started with Webkey you have to register an account and download the client app to your Android device.

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Webkey service flowchart

Pair with 
a PIN code

Click on “Add new device” on your web dashboard and a PIN code will appear on your screen.

Webkey Dashboard
Webkey Pairing modal

To pair your device, go to the Webkey app on your Android, click on “Pairing”button and type the PIN.

Webkey pairing on mobile

Pair by  
logging in

By logging in to your web dashboard and the Webkey Client app using the same account credentials, pairing is done automatically.

Webkey Login - Desktop and mobile

Send a pairing link in email

You can also send a pairing link in email. Pairing happens instantly by opening this email from the 📱device you have the Webkey app installed on.

Once you are done with pairing, make sure you allow access to the device’s screen stream and location. In case you choose to deny them, you won’t be able to view or locate your Android.

Webkey Allow Access To Location and Screen Capture

Getting started is easy like that.

Every time you want to pair a new device just click on “Add new device” and choose one of the options.

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